What We Do

Public Health

CLPA Trust works with key public health advocates and organization to shape public policy to address public health concerns in Bangladesh. CLPA Trust also working on other critical public health issues including public health and emergency preparedness, food safety, hunger and nutrition, climate change and other environmental health issues, public health infrastructure, disease control, international health, NCDs, and tobacco control.

Civic Education

Our Civic education program develops to educating citizens on their rights, duties, and responsibilities to empower and motivate them to identify what areas of the political and governance processes they can effectively participate in; what they can do to influence political outcomes and thereby improve the quality of governance at both local and national levels. CLPA Civic education program base on the social media campaign to educate youth about the rights, encourage people to participants govt. law and policy development process.

Civic Education

Ours protect to child program mission to ensure a safe environment in Bangladesh. We have national level Policy advocacy to ensure proposer implementation of Child Act 2013 and Child Policy. CLPA continue working to ensure playground and physical activities facilities in the city. We also jointly develop Community Intervention program health and life skill. CLPA and Alcohol have a health program to regular check-up child health and sensitizes about personal health. Save the Coastal people and CLPA has joint life skill program in Barisal division.

ICT 4D and Rights

Our ICT4D and Rights program has developed to ensure people access to the govt. system. CLPA aware people about govt. ICT4D facilitate, provide support to use. CLPA collecting people challenges and run policy advocacy to fixed. CLPA and cloud system jointly develop apps to ensure people access.


CLPA is an organization whose mission is to protect, preserve and Bangladesh Environment through education, policy reform, agency advocacy, and public interest litigation. CLPA Trust brings a new form of creative public advocacy effectively linking environmental progress and economic development that improves the quality of life in our communities.

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