At a glance

The Center for Law and Policy Affairs, or CLPA, has the responsibility of ensuring the welfare and development of policy for people. In 2016, CLPA became officially recognized as a non-profit organization. CLPA first began working on local and national policies in 2008.

The CLPA team is committed to ensuring sustainable development and is working to support and shape national law and policy. In this vein, CLPA works at the community level with the assistance of professionals and community-based organizations and brings lessons and triumphs to the national level by using a bottom-to-top-level approach.


Promote a civic society where people will know their civic rights, country policies, constitution, and laws and where they can defend and protect themselves from any kind of discrimination from society and the state.


Most of the people of our country have no proper idea about our constitution, country law and policies so they are suppressed in many way in Bangladesh we have many kind of good law and policies to protect our people and environment but there is no implication of those kind of policies in the society because the compliance rate is very poor. CLPA wants to review all kinds of law and policies which is more related to the people and environment then we make it easier and popular to people and policy makers and identify the loop hole and sensitize the public service institution with proper guidance to prepare it pro-people.