About the organization

In 2008, a group of policy experts started establishing an organization focused on law and policy to ensure sustainable development and well-being through equity and justice. Laws influence where we live and shape the quality of our environment and as well as society. Laws can restrict or expand the choices and opportunities available to us.
CLPA Trust (Center for Law and Policy Affairs) has the mandate to ensure people’s policy for development and well-being. CLPA started in 2008 working on local and national level policy and registered as a non-profit organization in 2016.
CLPA team believes in ensuring sustainable development and working towards supporting and formulating national law and policy.  In this spirit, CLPA works at the community level with support from professionals and community-based organizations to take learning and success to the national level by adopting a bottom-up approach. Community Intervention, Law and Policy Research, Policy Advocacy, and Media Advocacy are the key strategies of our work.
We also take a multidisciplinary approach toward public interest intervention and legal, policy research built on an ethic of social engagement and a rigorous and independent analysis of the policy. Through our work, we aim to equip citizens to evaluate their own socio-political contexts better and improve access to justice for marginalized groups.

About the Internship

CLPA encourage application for intern for the following three types of work but it is not limited to those sections it can be tailor-made as per the need of interns.
  1.  Prepare policy brief on crime prevention: Collect crime-related data from the three-national newspaper, analyze data and prepare an English policy briefing paper.
  2. Prepare fact sheet on public health issues (Review the govt. law, policy, guidelines, and initiative to reduce non-communicable disease and develop a fact sheet on NCDs issue.)
  3. Translate a policy publication on NCDs law

Application Process

CLPA encourage volunteer from abroad. CLPA is committed to providing logistics support, accommodation facility and meals at a reasonable cost for the volunteer. Besides, the Volunteer will get the facility of site seeing or others (as he /she like).
    1. Name of Applicant
    2. Mailing address (including e-mail, mobile, and URL if any)
    3. Relevant experiences (if any)
    4. Personal details or scanned copy of the first 3 pages of passport having minimum 6 months validity (only need for foreign interns)
    5. Period of volunteering (how many days are you intend to stay in Bangladesh)
    6. Field of interest (Policy, Law, Good Governance, Human Rights, etc.)
    7. Include an updated CV with signature


    • Certificate of experience.
    • Letter of recommendation.
    • Due credit for all write-up.
    • Work from home with flexible timings.

Number of Interns Required : 3 (three)
Location : Work from home

Application Procedure

No Time period for the application of volunteering opportunity. Anyone having minimum bachelor degree or studying at university level can place. No prescribed format for the application but the applicant must have to fulfill the following required field. After placing the application you will get a feedback message within 5 working days and the final decision will be taken within the next 15 working days after the application is placed.
Interested candidates are required to send their CV, and a sample write-up of not more than 300 words to [email protected]
Application link:
Further Information
E-mail ID: [email protected]