What we do

Public Health

CLPA Trust works with key public health advocates and organization to shape public policy to address today’s ongoing public health concerns in Bangladesh. Those include ensuring access to care, protecting funding for core public health programs and services and eliminating health disparities. CLPA Trust also working on other critical public health issues including public health and emergency preparedness, food safety, hunger and nutrition, climate change and other environmental health issues, public health infrastructure, disease control, international health, NCDs and tobacco control. 


CLPA is an organization whose mission is to protect, preserve and Bangladesh Environment through education, policy reform, agency advocacy, and public interest litigation. CLPA Trust brings a new form of creative public advocacy effectively linking environmental progress and economic development that improves the quality of life in our communities. 

Protect to Children

Our protect to child program mission to ensure a safe environment in Bangladesh. We  has policy advocacy to ensure proposer implementation of Child Act 2013 and Child Policy. CLPA continue working to ensure playground and physical activities facilities in the city.  We also jointly develop Community Intervention program health and life skill. CLPA and Achol has health program to regular check-up child health and sensitize about personal health. Save the Costal people and CLPA has joint life skill program in Barisal division.

Transport Safety

We believe that citizens have the right to travel safely. However, as in other countries, traffic accidents are one of the most concerning issues in Bangladesh. Goal 3.6 of the Sustainable Development Goals is to cut the number of worldwide deaths and injuries from traffic accidents in half by 2023. Road accidents in Bangladesh are linked to a variety of concerns, including law enforcement, infrastructure issues, skilled drivers and assistants, noncompliance with the law, and so on. Aside from Bangladesh’s positives, we have a larger water and rail network. However, this network is not interconnected, and we rely heavily on road transportation. We believe that a multimodel transportation system will continue to contribute to a significant reduction in the number of road accidents. We also believe that walking and cycling are two of the most energy-efficient modes of transportation. However, walking and cycling are not any safer in the city. CLPA is collaborating with the government, local governments, CSOs, the media, and transportation stakeholders to ensure citizens’ travel safety.