Advocate Kaniz Kanta is graduated from the University of Dhaka and completed her LL.B. and LL.M. Latter on she achieved Diploma in Environmental Law from Center for Environmental Law, WWF – India, New Delhi, India. Before her teaching career she was an activist in BELA and WBB Trust. She is mostly known as a silent lawyer who works behind the curtail striving to have meaningful positive change around us. Who was diehard doing research on how to ban polythene bag and packaging in mass consumer level and outcome of which we experienced the introduction of legal limitation of using polythene bags. She also fights against the use of tobacco in public places and was a prominent figure in doing research on the laws, rules and regulations regarding tobacco control in Bangladesh.

During her long career as the Lecturer – Law in Green University and Senior Lecturer – Law in Metropolitan University, Sylhet Advocate Kaniz Kanta not only motivated her students to think out of the box and out of the regular syllabus to get involved in more and more research activities but also developed the basic structure of the research activities on the labor rights of the Tea Gardeners, Stone Crushers and also the on the status of the public facilities in Sylhet Metropolitan area to prevent non-communicable diseases. Her research interest is diversified and she always looks for new ideas with innovation.