Youth can play an important role in preventing air pollution

In Bangladesh, the escalating air pollution crisis has led to a surge in non-communicable diseases, including widespread asthma. The dense smog enveloping urban areas exacerbates respiratory ailments, leaving thousands struggling with chronic health issues. In this situation having our health at stake, we must

clpaimplement robust air pollution control measures to mitigate this environmental and public health emergency.

On 9th November 2023, the Center for Law and Policy Affairs (CLPA) in collaboration w

ith Open Sesame and the Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE), hosted a pivotal discussion on ‘Youth’s Role and Action in Combating Air Pollution’. The event, which convened at 4:00 pm in the Society-Das Development Program’s conference room, saw the participation of students from various colleges and universities. Key figures such as Md. Aminul Islam, the Program Head of CLPA, Md. Atiqur Rahman, the Finance and Admin Officer, Policy Analyst Asrar Habib Nipu and Tarikuzzaman Ian, Rimu Akhtar of CLPA participated in the discussion

During the meeting, speakers emphasized that clean air is essential for our health and survival, as humans cannot live beyond six minutes without it. Therefore, it’s crucial to prevent air pollution to ensure the availability of clean air. Appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners release carbon monoxide, contributing to air pollution, so their usage should be monitored. In Bangladesh, the primary sources of air pollution include unauthorized brick kilns, construction activities, vehicle emissions, haphazard industrialization, and increased fuel use due to traffic jams. The active engagement of the youth is vital in addressing these issues.

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