A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhancing Physical Activity at Jahdah Municipal Conference Hall

clpa.orgAn advocacy meeting held on November 28, 2023, at the Jhenaidah Municipal Conference Hall aimed to enhance physical activity opportunities for citizens and secure funding allocations in the budget. Chaired by human rights activist and retired principal Mr. Aminur Rahman Tuku, the meeting hosted Mr. Saiful Islam Madhu, Panel Mayor, of Jhenaidah Municipality, and Mr. Md. Mushtaq Ahmed, Municipal Executive Officer, of Jhenaidah Municipality, among other dignitaries and community representatives. The gathering comprised 22 individuals, including students, architects, C.NET members, human rights workers, lawyers, development workers, public representatives, and doctors, with a gender representation of 2 women and 20 men. Led by Mr. Md. Habibur Rahman, Executive Director of Padma Social Welfare Organization and a CNET member, discussions culminated in promising commitments. Panel Mayor Madhu pledged increased budgetary allocations for physical activity initiatives, while Principal Aminur Rahman Tuku assured arrangements for walking facilities at Wazir School Ground, including lighting and designated walking paths nearby. These assurances showcase a positive step toward enhancing physical activity opportunities and underscore the importance of gender-inclusive initiatives in community development endeavors. The news of the meeting was published in local newspapers, including Bir Janata, Daily Runner, Daily Ae Amar Desh, and Daily Nawapara.

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