What is the Primary Goal for Fostering an Environment conducive to Physical Activity?

clpa.orgOn December 10, 2023, a pivotal discussion was held at Jokiganj Municipality, Sylhet,  facilitated by Mr. Md. Habibur Rahman, Executive Director of Sylhet Development Society and Member of C-NET, Jokiganj Sylhet. The primary agenda centered on fostering an environment conducive to physical activity and earmarking funds to combat non-communicable diseases. During this meeting, attended by the mayor and councilor, a memorandum was presented post-discussion, emphasizing the necessity of enhancing physical activity opportunities for municipal citizens and integrating budgetary allocations accordingly. The mayor committed to initiating the construction of a walkway on the south side of Jokiganj Bazar within the ongoing financial year. The total number of participants was 17, with 9 females and 18 males. Moreover, the mayor affirmed a commitment to implementing other demands contingent upon budgetary allocations in the forthcoming financial year, signaling a proactive approach toward promoting physical fitness and public health within the municipality. News of the meeting was published in the local newspapers Dream Sylhet, Sabuj Thanh, and Punyabhoomi.

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