Physical activity facilities and secure funding are critical for reducing NCDs.

clpa.orgOn December 21, 2023, an advocacy meeting was held at the Gowaland Municipality in Gowaland Municipal Auditorium, aiming to foster an environment conducive to physical activity and secure funding for controlling NCDs. The meeting convened several notable figures, including Md. Nazrul Islam, Mayor of Gowaland Municipality; Md. Ferdous Alam Khan, Executive Engineer, and various other local authorities and community representatives, totaling 8 participants . The session culminated in the presentation of a memorandum to Mayor Md. Nazrul Islam Mandal, emphasizes the significance of allocating funds for NCD control and the establishment of facilities promoting physical activity. In response, Mayor Mandal pledged phased constructions of parks, ponds, and imminently, a walkway within the municipality. This commitment reflects an affirmative step towards enhancing local infrastructure to encourage physical activity and underscores a gender-inclusive approach in advocating for healthier community environments. Local newspaper Daily Matrikantha has published the meeting news.

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