Who Was Involved in the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority Meeting?

clpa.orgOn October 11, 2023, a meeting took place at the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority between representatives of the CLPA team—Syed Mahbubul Alam, Secretary; Aminul Islam, Head of Program; Kamrunnisa Munna, Policy Analyst; Kazi Tarikuzzaman Yen, Program Officer; Robiul Alam, Program Officer; and Monzur Morshed Ahmed, Member (Public Health & Nutrition) and Project Director of Strengthening the Capacity of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority Project. The primary agenda was to present the activities of the RECAP project. The meeting focused on discussing the implementation of a digital system to gather data related to labeling and packaging challenges. Key topics highlighted during the discussion included the need for comprehensive regulations governing food labeling standards and the importance of assessing various aspects such as food shortages, quality, expiration dates, and adherence to labeling standards. The proposed digital packaging system aims to store detailed information, including images and product locations, related to the labeling process. The outcome included a positive reception of the idea for a digital system, emphasizing the potential to streamline data collection and improve regulatory oversight regarding food labeling and packaging standards in Bangladesh.

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