A Comprehensive Guide to Physical Integration

clpa.orgOn October 12, 2023, the CLPA team, comprising Aminul Islam Bakul, head of the program, Kamrunnisa Munna, Policy analyst; and Kazi Tarikuzzaman Yen, program officer, convened with Tamanna Mustary Mou, Assistant Director of Physical Education at the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education within the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the integration of physical activity into the school curriculum, emphasizing its mandatory inclusion at the secondary level to enhance early awareness among students. This initiative seeks to monitor the implementation of physical education in schools and facilitate appropriate teacher training. Following productive deliberations, Tamanna Mustary Mou agreed to actively participate in the ongoing discussions and join the Technical Working Group (TWG) formed to advance this educational agenda, signaling a positive step towards fostering holistic student development through physical education.

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