Research and Publication

Publications and policy briefing papers are the key tools for policy advocacy of CLAP. CLPA has several publications on NCDs, Environment and Public Health

1. Legal Protections for People Living with HIV and Sexual Minorities in Bangladesh;

2. Review on Non-communication disease-related law and Policy of Bangladesh;

3. A policy review paper on traffic congestion and private cars in Dhaka City; 

4. Waters laws and Policies of Bangladesh; 

5. Public Health laws and policy of Bangladesh; 


1.  Local government facilities for promoting physical activities according to law; 

2.  Food habits of children in four city corporations in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional community survey; 

Policy Brief
1.  Legal challenges of ensuring a healthy diet in Bangladesh; 

2.  Protecting water bodies learning and challenges of Bangladesh; 

3.  E-waste: A strategy reduce, reuse and safe disposal; 

4.  Environment Court: Challenges and Opportunities;